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 Laser Scannable Wax  Optical Scannable Wax  Laser & Optical Scannable Wax  Margin Exposing Scannable Wax  Scannable Bite Registration Strip  Wax Milling Disc for CAD/CAM Water & Dry Milling Systems  Implant Wax  Milling Wax  Secure Hold Crown  Diagnostic Waxes  Diagnostic Wax in Molar Shape  Sculpturing Opaque Wax   Inlay, Crown and Bridge Wax  Pro Carving Multi Purpose Wax  Margin Wax That Carves  Black Margin Wax  Super Dipping Wax  Hi-Tech Wax Die Lube  RPI (Reciprocal Parallel Interface Wax)  Blockout Wax